getting WEAVY with it

we installed this stage at Lake Forest Huntersville, called the Weave,  last fall. 
it was fairly simple to do and the visual impact was POW.
it was also a lotta bang for the buck.  each 4x8' piece of coroplast is $11.
we used 20, give or take a few.

as usual, it's not an original idea, but came from Church Stage Design Ideas
(shout out to Jeff Abbott and Christ Church in Hickory NC for submitting it.)
honestly, CSDI is where we get most of the inspiration for stages we do here at Lake Forest Church.  Ecclesiastes says there’s nothing new under the sun and since imitation is the highest form of flattery, I’ve made my peace with it.

we started by having Lynn, our resident 'whip up an awesome drawing in a hot sec'  guy
sketch our concept out. 

so here's what we did...  our system is a kind of 'figure it out as we go' kinda thing. (check out the video above for the super professional video of our process.)
we decided to alternate the silver and the white pieces of coroplast.  we used two colors of coroplast that we got from our friends at Laird Plastics. the folks at our charlotte location are so awesome, cutting it for us and even loading lots of pieces of coroplast into whatever car i might be driving at the time of pick up.  for this stage they cut the 4x8' pieces into 2x8' strips and then all we had to do it cut them into 2x4' sections.

measure twice...
cut once

screwed right into the grid!
alternating colors.  and check out the grid behind it.

here's the finished stage

and here it is lit up on a Sunday morning.

as we were finishing up, our 'i can make anything out of almost nothing' guys wanted to make one more thing...check this out.  ^^^^^

a completely unique and awesome piece of art sitting on the mantle in the gathering space.
and as much as i love this stage, what i love even more is the awesome team who worked on it.  who work on all the sets.  
it's so cool seeing each person's giftedness, talent, leaning show up.  
the organizers, the sketchers, the cutters, the measurers, the builders, get the point.  
this is the most beautiful thing by far.


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