it's beginning to look a lot like disc-mas.....

it's always a challenge to come up with a stage set design for Christmas.  
I mean, a new, original idea. 
how many times can you do Christmas trees?  and stars?  and mangers?  
or at least look at these familiar elements with new eyes?

the idea for a major part of our set came from the title and graphic for our Christmas series: the Original Christmas Playlist.  in the series, we are looking at the first 'recorded' (as in written) Christmas songs around the birth of Jesus.  

Mary's Song (the Magnificat)  Luke 1:46-55
Zechariah's Song (the Benedictus) Luke 1:67-80
the Angel's Song (the Gloria) Luke 2:13-14
Simeon's Song ( the Nunc Dimittis) Luke 2:29-3

as we thought about all of this, we decided to use CDs as a major design element on the stage, because of the music connection plus THEY ARE SO SHINY.  we combined that with trees made of pallet wood (jumping on their incredible trendiness and because they are FREE.)  and since the series is about music, we decided to focus all of our creative energy for the elements of each service around music.  we stripped down our sound, going more acoustic and at Harrison's suggestion, added some big rugs for the coffee house vibe.  I just love them.

the trees were easy breezy for the master builders on the team, Shoan and Pim.  they whispered a bit, measured some stuff and such and then disappeared outside and came back with these trees.
just kidding. (but not really.)  if you wanna know more, just ask me and i'll have one of them explain how they did it. 

not my area of expertise, people.  

then there's this whole business of the CDs.  
Since we have the grid , it's so much easier to attach things. we could have just stapled them to the grid, but we wanted movement.  we settled on hanging the discs from black craft thread that i got at walmart.  we (more specifically Danielle, handler of the power tools) drilled holes in two places on each disc. 
we then threaded the holes and and tied the CDs in strands of different lengths.  then Debbie (the detailed) eyeballed the grid and directed the hanging of said CDs.

to finish it out, we took the design to the gathering space.  I love using the CDs as ornaments on the wooden trees with a backdrop of the vinyl LPs.  it's a great tie in to the actual graphic for our series created by our super graphic designer Melody.  

'Glory to God in the highest heaven,
    and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.'

luke 2:13,14 

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  1. LOVED those pallet trees!! The rugs give a great living room touch. Amazing stage design as always. And if you need anyone to take one of those little trees at the candle stations home, I'm your girl. ;)