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  • 01白堊紀地層發現山茶科植物化石

    Camellia Plant Fossils Discovered in the Cretaceous Stratum


    Fossils of Camellia were found in the Cretaceous strata of the Late Mesozoic.
    The fossils of Camellia were found belonging to the Mesozoic to the early Cenozoic, and the tea tree is a relatively primitive species of Camellia.
    Botanists have concluded that the origin of tea trees dates back to 60 million years ago.
    During the Neolithic period, when Shennong tasted various grass he found tea, and this was four or five thousand years ago.

    武王率南方八國伐紂(前1066年),茶作為貢品?!妒酚?周本紀》記錄“園有芳蒻香茗” 《華陽國志?巴志》(東晉常璩)記載:武王既克殷,以其宗姬于巴,爵之以子……丹、漆、茶、蜜,皆納之。武王距今3000多年。

    Emperor Wu led the southern eight states to crusade against Emperor Zhou of Shang Dynasty in 1066 BC, with tea as a tribute. Historical Records: Zhou Dynasty records "There is fragrant tea in a garden" .History of the State of Huayang State ? Records of Bashu (by Chang Qu in the East Jin Dynasty) records: Emperor Wu defeated Emperor Zhou , he transferred Emperor Zhou’s family to the place of Bashu and endowed them with the title of viscount with cinnabar, lacquer, tea and honey as tributes . The story above happened more than 3,000 years ago.


    Tea buds were found in the tomb of Emperor Hanjing, which was more than 2,150 years old.