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  • 13“南茶北引”里程碑

    The Milestone of “South Tea Transplantation to North”

    In 1959, the former Dashawa Forest Farm and the Zhonglou Commune Nursery of Rizhao County (now in the Lanshan District of Rizhao City) planted tea as a try, all of which died of low temperature and drought due to the lack of winter protection measures.

    1966年,日照引種祁門褚葉種、浙皖北部群體種,于安東衛北山、絲山雙廟種植8.7畝,成活了2.3畝?!?br /> In 1966, another two types of tea (Qimen Chuye black tea and group tea types of north of Zhejiang and Anhui) were introduced to Rizhao and planted 8.7 mu (5,800 square meters) in the North Mountain of Andongwei and Shuangmiao of Sishan for, and 2.3 mu (1,533 square meters) of the total survived.

    In 1969, pan-fired green tea was first made by hand, and was commented by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as “thick leaves, long lasting rich aroma, similar to Jixian tea”.

    In 1970, the first semi-mechanized tea factory was founded in West Zhao Village, Jufeng county, Rizhao, named "916 Primary Tea Factory", which started the professional tea production in Rizhao.

    In 1973, the first mechanized primary tea factory was founded in Upper Li Village, Chengguan, Rizhao. Sha Wen from "China Pictorial" took a lot of photos of Tea Gardens in Rizhao and published them in the fourth issue of the pictorial.

    In October, the Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences hosted an experience exchange meeting of "South Tea Transplantation to North and West" in Rizhao.

    In December, Shandong Agricultural Film Agency filmed the science education film “South Tea Transplantation to North” in Rizhao.