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  • 16十七家全國優秀公共區域品牌

    17 National Excellent Brands of Public Areas

    In 2011, at the sixth session of Jinan Tea Expo, China, 500 grams of fresh and pure Shenggushan Tea was auctioned 198,000 yuan, which shocked the tea industry in Shandong Province and played a positive role in promoting the quality of Rizhao Tea.

    In 2011, both the annual meeting of Chinese Tea Association and the awards presentation of the 9th "China National Famous Tea Competition" were held in Rizhao.

    In 2015, after six months’ screening, The International Evaluation Committee of Centennial Expo for China’s Famous Tea approved Shenggushan Tea to participate in the Expo in Milan on behalf of Shandong Province, and it won the "Golden Camel Award of China Famous Tea of Centennial Expo", which was the only tea enterprise winning this award in Shandong Province.

    In 2016, Rizhao Chamber of Commerce in Jinan, Rizhao branch of Jinan Tea Association submitted a letter to the municipal government in order to obtain high attention to the safe application of pesticide to tea gardens in Rizhao. It was highly valued by the government and they conducted comprehensive field works.

    In 2017, Shenggushan Tea won the organic certification of the European Union, which became the first tea company in Shandong Province to obtain this certification.

    In 2017, the municipal government allocated a special fund for the safety of pesticide use in tea gardens for the first time in the development history of Rizhao Tea, which created favorable conditions for Rizhao Tea to expand its market further.

    In 2017, at the first session of International Tea Expo in China, “Rizhao Green Tea” was awarded as the national excellent brand of public areas and it was selected in 17 lists of these areas. This is the most important honor in the development of Rizhao Tea and it will have a far-reaching influence.