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  • 18國際認證、雨林聯盟認證 18國際認證、雨林聯盟認證

    International Certification and Rainforest Alliance Certification

    In 2010, the tea produced by Shenggushan is exclusively supplied for The Tenth China Art Festival.

    In 2011, at the 6th China International Tea Expo in Jinan, 500 grams of Bingxinxue tea produced by Shenggushan was sold for 198,000 yuan at the auction, which caused a sensation in tea community in Shandong Province.

    In 2012, the company was awarded the first certificate of tea organic certification in Shandong Province issued by China Quality Mark Certification Group, and built cooperative partnership with the qualification trials of Chinese women weightlifting for London Olympic.

    In 2014, the company got the first certificate issued by Rainforest Alliance in the tea community of Shandong Province.

    In 2015, on behalf of the tea in Shandong Province, the company entered the "Chinese Tea Culture Week" in Expo Milano, and told the story of China and the China tea. And the company won the "Golden Camel Award for Chinese Famous Tea at the Centennial World Expo" and became a partner of the 22nd International Conference on History and Science.

    In 2016, Shenggushan sent tea makers to participate in the National Competition of Handicraft Skills for Green Tea held in Guizhou, and won the National First Prize (ranked third of all).

    In 2017, the company won the first organic certification issued by EU in Shandong tea community.

    In 2018, Shenggushan became the designated tea for the SCO Qingdao Summit.

    18國際認證、雨林聯盟認證 18國際認證、雨林聯盟認證