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  • 20國際歷史科學大會合作伙伴

    Conference on History and Science


    The 22nd International Conference on History and Sciences in 2015 was hosted by the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS) and organized by the Association of Chinese Historians and Shandong University. It is the first time that the International Conference on History and Science has been held in Asia in the past more than 100 years. There are four main topics in this conference, namely "China Seen from the Global Perspective", "Emotion of Historization", "Revolution in world history: Comparison and Correlation", "Application of Digital Technology in History".


    From August 23rd-August 29th, 2015
    The 22nd International Conference on History and Science was held in Asian countries for the first time in a century. More than 2600 delegates from 90 countries and regions of the world attended the congress. Rizhao Shenggushan Tea Co., Ltd. was honored a partner of the International Congress of Historical Sciences, and brewed a cup of "Rizhao Tea" for every famous Chinese and foreign historian.

    Liu Yandong, then Vice Premier of the State Council, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the congress Marjatta Hietala, President of the International
    Committee of Historical Sciences (right)
    Hu Jinyan, Vice President of Shandong University (right)