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  • 25第十屆中國藝術節

    The Tenth China Art Festival

    Shenggushan Tea was the dedicated tea for the tenth art festival, held in October, 2013.

    Promotion and signing ceremony in the tenth art festival
    Gao Jianhua, president of Rizhao Shenggushan Tea Factory Co. Ltd(third from left), Sun Shougang, member of Committee of Shandong Province and minister of Shandong Province Publicity Department(fourth from left),Zhang Chaochao, vice governor of Shandong Province (sixth from left).


    China Art Festival is an important art festival which can involve people around China. The tenth China ART Festival was held in Shandong Province, where art activities were launched in 17 cities. More than 50 categories of plays were included in the past, and the figure in the tenth China art festival would be much more than that. Many small-scale art categories were added to the main art categories, such as acrobatics, Beijing Opera and dancing. In this way, the dancing category included pas de deux(dance for two people), solo dance, group dance and other dance; The categories of Beijing Opera included respective evaluation of four main roles, such as Sheng(male), Dan(female), Jing(male with a painted face), Mo(old men), and Chou (clowns); The tenth China Art Festival was publicized by several media like that of competitive sports; Besides the government capital and personnel were arranged in the festival, the festival emphasized the role of market operation to attract social funds; When the festival closed, the standard art pavilion, painting pavilion, books pavilion, public pavilions and other pavilions built by Shandong Province for the festival have been fully used for the public.